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10 tips to resume the sport

Sometimes it is true that going back to physical activity requires too much energy for our motivation. Whether it’s after a birth to return to its original form after a cesarean or simply to take care of yourself, the Balanced […]


Sensitive, reactive and fragile skin

Skin sensitivity affects approximately 60% of women When the skin is light in color, translucent, prone to dryness and very reactive to the sun, there is a great chance that it is a sensitive skin. This is a delicate, fragile […]

Fitness Tips

What kettlebell exercises to lose weight?

Want to lose weight without having to do sports hours a day? Opt for the kettlebell, an accessory of Russian origin that looks like a kind of ball with a handle . The kettlebells are on the rise right now. […]

Fitness Tips

What is the caloric expenditure for 1h of LIA?

With nearly 700 calories spent in 1 hour of LIA , it is one of the most effective sports activities to lose weight quickly. Calories burned during a LIA session The Low Impact Aerobic (LIA) is a cardio workout , […]

Weight Loss

Muscle cramps: causes and treatment

Muscle pain is very common especially among those who begin their physical activities. To prevent and find effective remedies, it is important to know the reason for its appearance. Focus on a common case among those who wish to lose […]

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3 tips to lose weight calves

The calves lift the silhouette elegantly . Like any part of the body, they can gain in volume and thus offer an unsightly result. The increase in their shape is usually the result of high impact sport, overweight , venous […]

Fitness Tips

How to lose 100 calories in 5 minutes?

Losing weight easily and quickly is a dream for many. Can we lose 100 calories in 5 minutes without moving ? Unfortunately no. But it is possible to burn calories in a short time thanks to some tips and a […]

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Does twerk muscle the body?

This is not new, dance is a great alternative to daily sports sessions . If nightclubs allow you to relax, a few hours of twerk are enough to build the body! The twerk is particularly ideal to have a beautiful […]

Fitness Tips

What exercises to strengthen the gluteus medius?

Yes, there are many, which are specific to strengthen the gluteus medius and that are done at home or in the room. The gluteal muscles (gluteal muscles) have a triangular shape, they are thick and wide and they are located […]