3 backclothing exercises to strengthen your muscles

Why build your back? In preparation for a major sporting event, to relieve chronic pain, to achieve a good level of muscle building or even simple, to feel better!

Man, woman, we all need it. To achieve this, all you need is a little bit of goodwill and regularity. Here are three essential basic exercises.

The cladding of the back for beginners

For this exercise, it is advisable to have a gym mat or yoga mat . It is ideal for anyone starting out in sport or just for sedentary people who have little time to move.

The whole day sitting in the office does not help the health of the back . So you can do this movement at home. You lie on your back, foot camped on the bottom of the carpet. The arms are along your body and the neck is relaxed.

Slowly and regularly, lift the pelvis and lower it without necessarily touching the ground. This is how sheathing works.

Muscle back with gym ball

A gym ball is very interesting in the sense that it softens you and softens you. Relaxation is not incompatible with muscle strengthening, it is complementary.

Put ventral support well in the center of your ball before placing your T-arms and hold this position as long as possible . You can make this movement worse by holding small dumbbells in your hands . You must feel pressure in your lower back and shoulders, but no pain!

You will work in the same area as during a crawling swim.

Small dumbbell movements

You can go to a weight room or invest in a bench equipped with pulley. As you will understand, this is about lifting weights. Start small: 5 kilos are enough to work a weak musculature.

As soon as you no longer feel the effects of exercise, you are ready to add weight gradually. Keep your back straight for the duration of the exercise. Proceed in sets of 10 or 20, interspersed with short breaks . It is possible to make movements by holding your arms with a trx elastic.

These exercises help firm up the back muscles and refine.

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