3 pilates exercises to work the muscles of the glutes

A slimming program to finally have a nice diaper bounced . To achieve this, it is imperative to strengthen the latter to carve it. For that, do not worry, you will not have to spend an infinite time in the weight room.

You can achieve a more than satisfactory result by practicing only 3 pilates exercises regularly.

Exercise 1 to strengthen the glutes and the legs

For this first exercise, you will focus on your gluteal thighs. Sit comfortably on your side, ideally on a yoga mat.

Gently hold your head with the arm closest to the ground. Your legs are perfectly stretched and need the rest from end to end of the exercise. Now you will lift your leg up which is not in contact with the floor / carpet.

Go up, go down without touching and start again! This series of movements will tone your muscles very quickly. Start with sets of 10 before increasing the difficulty.

Exercise 2: gluteal abs

Here, in addition to strengthening your buttocks, you will firm up your belly. Your silhouette will be even more harmonious, between a bouncing diaper and a flat stomach . The goal is to lie on your back, always on a floor mat.

Throughout the exercise, your shoulders and upper back should stay in permanent contact with the ground. You will take care to spread your feet slightly. From there, you just have to lift the pelvis by contracting the belly.

Stay as long as possible, such as during a cladding session . You can also perform a series of climbs and descents. Be careful, your glutes should not rest on the ground before the end of the exercise!

Exercise 3: 100% shapely buttocks

You are positioned facing the ground, as if you were going to do pumps . Only your hands and your feet are in contact with your carpet. Then lift up one of your legs, well tensioned and perform once again a long series of movements from top to bottom. Change your support leg and start again!

By practicing this method for at least 20 minutes 5 times a week , your figure will change very quickly and you will reach your goals in just a few weeks. Then go to three times a week to maintain your new shapes! It would be a shame to lose the benefit of all these efforts.

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