3 tips to lose weight calves

The calves lift the silhouette elegantly . Like any part of the body, they can gain in volume and thus offer an unsightly result.

The increase in their shape is usually the result of high impact sport, overweight , venous insufficiency or water retention . So what to do? Here are 3 effective tips that can refine them.

  1. “Good” physical activities

Practicing one or more physical activities is a great way to lose weight, both in general and in a targeted area. Water sports such as swimming, aquabiking , water aerobics or aqua stretching are at the top of the list of ideal physical activities to refine your calves . Indeed, the repeated friction of the water come to massage the calves and to favor the process of drainage.

Low-impact exercises are also perfect for losing weight in this part of the body. These are more specifically those that do not subject a weak shock to the legs when they touch the ground such as walking, yoga, Pilates or cycling . In addition, they exert almost no excessive pressure on the joints located at the bottom of the body.

After each effort, it is always important not to forget the stretching . In addition to promoting a much slimmer appearance, the movement that extends the muscle relaxes fat reserves.

  1. Healthy eating

A healthy and balanced diet also helps to reduce the volume of fat calves. It is important to note, however, that weight loss remains widespread and not localized.

To do this, it is better to focus on high fiber foods , fruits with low fructose and those that are good fatty acids, also available as a dietary supplement. Added to these are foods with a high magnesium content , such as dark chocolate with more than 80% cocoa. They protect the muscles from possible cramps.

Often rich in fat and sugars, processed products are to be avoided. Do not forget to drink a lot of water and draining drinks to help eliminate toxins stored at the upper calves.

  1. Cosmetic surgery

The surgical procedure, followed by some medications allows to slim the soft calves quickly and efficiently. The liposuction will thus eliminate the fat overload that has settled in the calves . It is worth noting that this type of surgery only supports the calves considered “fat”, but does not reduce the volume of hard and muscular calves.

Several tips, solutions, techniques and tips allow today to refine the calves. Like the process of weight loss, the reduction of this part of the lower body that can be a source of complex for a woman, must be done diligently and carefully, in order to obtain an impeccable result, and a slender silhouette.

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