5 tips to increase your endurance in 2 weeks

Endurance is an ability to maintain an effort of sustained intensity over time . The longer you are able to maintain high intensity, the better your results will be.

By working on the main factors of your Rapid Fast Keto Boost Reviews endurance, you can increase it in two weeks, whether you are athletic or not. To help you quickly increase your stamina , here are 5 five tips.

  1. Have a good breath

Whether in swimming, running, crossfit or during weight training , it is important to know how to breathe well. Even if it seems a bit silly, it is the basis of any sporting activity!

First, you breathe in and out through your mouth and nose to maximize your oxygenation, accompanying breathing with your belly . Monitor your breathing during the session so that it remains regular and constant.

Then, you must keep a good posture during training: your shoulders relaxed, your back straight, and avoid bending down so that your airways are not blocked.

  1. Cross-training

This workout is a great tool for increasing your endurance. When you increase your volume, you must go gradually so as not to risk injuring yourself. Cross training is what you need for the impatient. Because fundamental endurance does not exclude any physical activity!

You can increase your endurance by doing volume in a swimming pool, on cross-country skis, a bike, etc. The heart is not really interested in what the rest of your body can do with the blood it pumps… Developing your pulmonary and cardiovascular capacities is very good in a swimming pool or on a bicycle.

  1. Monitor your diet

Choose light meals, rich in complex carbohydrates and easy to digest , at least two hours before your intense session. You must keep a diet that is balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and good fats during the week in order to maintain a correct level of energy and be attacking! Hydration should not be overlooked: as a reminder, it is essential to drink before, during and after training. Opt for an isotonic drink if you anticipate that the training will be trying.

  1. Do muscle building exercises

To increase your endurance, regular muscle strengthening exercises are necessary. It is not a question of becoming a professional in this discipline. Abs, push-ups, or push-ups are recommended exercises . You can do these exercises quietly at home.

These exercises will make you gain in power and resistance without investing in specific equipment.

  1. Do split work.

It is a type of exercise that has several benefits that can help you increase endurance and get the most out of training.

Improve cardiovascular capacity. Sometimes an endurance race is exhausting . By doing interval training, your anaerobic capacity increases. And when you combine it with your aerobic capacity, you will become faster.

To rest after a workout, go for a swim or include swimming in your routine . It has the advantage of working your upper Rapid Fast Keto Boost muscles, which are generally poorly developed in runners. It is possible to swim at home half an hour after training for a good rest.

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