Does overweight promote heavy legs?

Very uncomfortable, heavy legs affect many people . They are particularly frequent in women, since they are 30% to suffer.

But what are their main causes ? Is overweight one of the culprits? Well yes … If your BMI is a bit or very high, you are more likely than others to suffer legs.

Why is overweight heavy on the legs?

If the overweight is heavy legs , it is Tier 2 keto primarily because the excess of body weight exerts pressure on the lower limbs. As a result, circulation in the blood vessels slows down … Varicose veins may even appear.

Another link between overweight and venous stasis is the lack of physical exercise. When you have difficulty walking , physical pain or difficulty breathing , you are less inclined to move …

“I’m concerned, but what to do to find lighter legs? ”

Heavy legs, how to activate the blood circulation?

To relieve swollen legs , consider integrating these easy gestures into your daily life:

  • Try to start moving again. Depending on your shape, a small daily walk will make an excellent start . No need to produce intense efforts, the main thing is to activate regularly.
  • If you need to rest, avoid standing still : this stagnates blood in the legs and promotes edema . Prefer the lying position , placing your legs in height, to facilitate the return of blood.
  • In the shower, do not hesitate to use cold water on your legs , going up ankles to the top of the thighs. Guaranteed relief!
  • Do you feel significant pain? Take the case seriously, and have compression stockings prescribed.

To relieve your legs, lose your excess weight!

If your excess pounds are too many, losing them is still the best way to improve the condition of your legs. Avoid extreme diets, which end up aggravating weight gain (the terrible yo-yo effect …) . Favor a good rebalancing food, respecting simple principles:

Eat slowly. More effective than counting calories , slowing the pace of your bites will allow you to eat less without being hungry, as you will leave feeling full enough to settle down. And besides, you Tier 2 keto Reviews will digest better: goodbye troublesome bloating ! So try to make your meal last for twenty minutes.

Remove the added sugar . It’s hard ? To help you wean, buy some xylitol or stevia.

Do not deprive yourself of nourishing foods: consistent, fat and protein will help you to better withstand cravings!

Drink a lot. A good hydration allows your whole body to work better (and a good cup of tea, of course unsweetened, it gives you a face in front of a tantalizing treat!).

Discouraged? Jump finally, and contact a nutritionist: this approach can make a big difference for you.

Overweight does not only cause high blood pressure . It is also part of the factors causing heavy legs.

Coupled with a good slimming diet, some gestures can happily relieve discomfort.

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