Does twerk muscle the body?

This is not new, dance is a great alternative to daily sports sessions . If nightclubs allow you to relax, a few hours of twerk are enough to build the body!

The twerk is particularly ideal to have a beautiful gluteusing fun and especially without much effort.

Twerk and fitness

Although the twerk cardboard currently, it is not exclusively practiced for the sake of fun. Indeed, it is nowadays very used to muscles. Some centers even adopt it as a substitute for Zumba, which is increasingly outdated .

Indeed, the twerk is excellent for working the buttocks. And according to experts, the twerk would lose up to 550 calories in less than an hour. If you are not a fan of slimming diets, twerking is enough to lose fat.

The sheathing effect of the twerk

Buttocks are a real source of complex in women. With the twerk precisely, the muscles of the buttocks are the first targeted. He curves the gluteal muscles with little effort. Twerk is also an excellent cladding for the belly .

Indeed, with the squatting position and forward movements behind, the majority of muscles, especially abdominals, are worked.

How to dance the twerk?

Twerk is not at all difficult to learn. If you are at a beginner level, here are some instructions for you to succeed your movements from the first tests.

Start by choosing a powerful music that moves well . Then put yourself in a squat position by placing your hands on your knees well back at the back of the toes and with your legs apart.

Then you push your buttocks backwards , as if you were going to put yourself in a chair. Do not forget to keep your back straight. Then finally, you shake your buttocks back and forth following the rhythm of the music.

Twerk, a dance that pulsates

What is the twerk? It’s a dance, made for women, that appeared around the 90s but whose reputation has taken a leap recently. Composed of daring and provocative movements, it is practiced by moving the hips and crouching .

Twerk is a dance that pulsates and uses a lot of muscles at the same time. It is easy to play and lose belly in record time.

There is no better way than the twerk to build the body softly. Twerk is a sensual dance and is ideal for strengthening the stomach and buttocks .

In addition, it is easy to practice and is ideal for women who want to build muscle while having fun.

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