Eliminate in your diet if you want to lose fat

Do you want to lose weight? Meet the 7 foods that do NOT allow you to lose weight since you commonly eat them every day.

When it comes to performing a bodily transformation, either to lose fat or to gain muscle mass, we must take into account a number of factors that if not present, it would simply be impossible to achieve any goal. We know that sport (depending on our goal) takes on a special relevance Super Keto Burn Reviews and that is why there are many who decide to give it an importance far beyond what is appropriate, thought that more is better, when the reality is different.

On the other hand, food, which is not usually paid much attention, ultimately ends up being the decisive factor, being said in other words, the way we eat is the culprit of 70% of the results That we reach.

This makes us understand that we can devote great hours to training or only a few minutes to high intensity workouts, however, if we do not follow an adequate diet, few or no results we will find in the process of body transformation.

For this reason, in this article we are going to recommend some guidelines that you should follow when structuring your eating plan, especially, avoiding some of the foods that are most harmful for your health and that take you considerably away from your proposed objectives.

Perhaps these foods are already well known by most people for their properties that go against health, however, below we will explain why they are so bad, which will possibly lead you to become more aware of them, making you think twice if you will consume these foods the next time you have a craving.

Finally, these are the 7 foods that you should avoid in your diet if you want to lose fat.

The sugar

Sugar is a word that most mortals associate with that white powder substance that is normally used to sweeten coffees, tea, desserts, etc. From a scientific point of view, sugar or sugars are all kinds of compounds formed by carbon, hydrate and oxygen, colloquially referred to as carbohydrates , being substances such as lactose, fructose, glucose, among others, are a type of sugar that, in excess, they are also harmful to health, even though the body needs them.

In this case, table sugar is quite the opposite, because despite being a carbohydrate or type of carbohydrate, it is a food that only provides a large amount of calories with a low macronutrient index .

The number of calories is not only the determining factor by which we should avoid the consumption of table sugar, but also this, being a simple carbohydrate , leads to glucose levels rise significantly, making their Once the pancreas must generate more insulin to stabilize this blood glucose overload.

What’s up with it? Well, for starters, insulin is a hormone that prevents fat stores from being used as an energy source , while their excessive production leads to the development of resistance to it by the body. Insulin resistance can become type II diabetes .

Clearly, eating sugar does not bring us anything good, so if we want to lose fat, this is the last food we should think about. Fortunately, there are other alternatives that we can use to sweeten our drinks, such as Stevia, artificial sweeteners or honey. If we focus on health, it is most advisable to use sweeteners occasionally, since these also cause metabolism disorders that prevent fat from burning at the same rate.

Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks would clearly be included in this list for the simple fact that their main source of flavor is sugar. Certainly, these drinks, in addition to providing a large amount of calories in small portions, also do not contain nutrients, so all they do is provide us with empty calories.

As if this were not enough, many of them are added with caffeine, which only helps the addictive power of sugar to grow larger, which will lead us to that vicious circle of consuming more and more drinks.

At first glance, an exit to these dangerous products could be light drinks that do not provide any type of calories, however, and what almost nobody counts, is that for these to have a similar taste and with a light sweet touch, it is They have a greater amount of chemicals, including aspartame, which, like artificial sweeteners, cause disorders in the metabolism and physiological functions of the body.

If we talk about health and not only lose fat, it would be best to choose only water or fruit juices, although these should contain minimal amounts of sugar , as well as drink with greater caution, since being only the liquid, most of the nutrients and fibers found in the shells are discarded at the time of processing.

Fried food

Fritters are foods that should also be avoided at all costs. The amount of calories that mostly come from saturated fats is extraordinary , so they not only contribute to accumulate more fat, but also cause tremendous damage to the body, as they promote elevated levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

To get an idea, a medium-sized French fries service can provide the same or more calories than a large hamburger. And that’s not all, but these calories are completely empty, since neither the potatoes nor the bagged fritters provide any kind of nutrient , not to mention that the basis of their manufacture is refined flours (another form of simple sugars) and excess salts that prevent fat loss, as well as fluid retention , among other diseases for the body.

A good way to avoid temptation is to make our own fritters at home, for this we can take a couple of potatoes and cut them into thin slices or in French form and then place on a tray, add olive oil and salt thoroughly and place in the oven until they are completely crispy on the outside.

Cold cuts and sausages

Cold cuts and sausages, although at first glance they may seem a good option to add to the diet since they are meat and therefore, provide protein, the truth is that the reality is different.

Come on, we know that everything that is done in an industrial way is never good for people’s health, mainly for what the big companies are looking for is to save costs, so making a sausage based solely on meats and spices is not the most recommended for it. Instead, a large quantity of saturated fats and salts are used to manufacture these products, which are ultimately responsible for providing all that characteristic flavor.

It should be borne in mind that in the case of cheaper brands, they are not only limited to the use of fats and salts, but also to artificial flours and dyes, among other chemicals to achieve a texture and appearance similar to that of natural meats . We must not forget that processed meats also lead to a higher probability of developing cancer.

Alcoholic drinks

When we talk about alcohol, we not only expose ourselves to the great diseases that its excessive consumption can lead to, but also contribute an exaggerated amount of empty calories, as well as substances that only lead to create an addiction by the people who consume it.

The main source of calories from alcohol comes from simple sugars, so that after consumption, insulin levels rise in the sky, leading to fat burning is delayed, eventually.

As if this were not enough, alcohol consumption is also linked to appetite stimulation, so consuming it, even in moderate amounts is not recommended to lose that extra fat.

Frozen food

Frozen foods, like sausages and cold cuts are not recommended for human consumption, since most of them Super Keto Burn are made up of sodium, saturated fats, sugars and even additives that only lead us to want to consume them more frequently.

Clearly, these provide empty calories, since nutrients as essential as the fiber that we would normally find in natural foods, are completely eliminated during product processing.

Of course, we must bear in mind that all these characteristics only apply to complete meals such as pizzas, lasagna, hamburgers, banderillas and other similar ones, because in the case of vegetables that we can also find already frozen, the story is different.

The case of frozen vegetables is different, since these are not processed with chemicals, but the method with which they are frozen, once they reach their most optimal point of maturity, allows all nutrients to be conserved, which many times it will be even more effective than consuming fruits or vegetables that have been in the refrigerator for a few days.

Industrial pastries

Finally, the industrial bakery is also harmful to health, whether donuts, sweet breads, white or even whole grain, are not beneficial if we want to lose fat, because they provide a lot of chemicals, as well as saturated and trans fats , low glycemic carbohydrates, low fiber and nutrients, in short, they are only good for reducing empty calories.

The reason why integrals are also not recommended is because many companies actually manufacture their food with grains that have already been processed and many times the fiber found in them is suppressed during this time.

In conclusion

As we already know, eating this type of food will only lead us to make our body transformation process delayed, because due to its large number of calories, it will simply prevent us from being able to lose fat.

Although at first it can be difficult to get away from all these foods due to their additive components, the truth is that doing it little by little and becoming aware of what we gain once we leave your dependence on them, it will help us to make the process much more easy.

Remember that food influences 70% of the results achieved, so if you want a true transformation, you should eliminate these foods from your diet as soon as possible.

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