Five myths of light sodas

Sometimes we want to give ourselves a snack but we know that this product has too many calories for our body and we replace it with a light one, but will it really do us good?

Some people have agreed to drink light soda while others to take care of their health and maintain their proper weight , take them having faith that it will be their magic ingredient to prevent diseases and overweight . But how true is this theory? Nutritionist Alessandra Laghi clarifies the myths that exist around this drink.

Soda sugar makes you fat

The light soda is sweetened True Keto Boost sweeteners 100%. These do not provide calories because it is not sugar and that is why they do not gain weight .

Light drinks help you lose weight

That’s not true. What causes overweight is a life of sedentary style . To not gain weight you need to play sports or lead an active life.

Light soda increases insulin

There is no scientific study or evidence to claim that soda sweeteners increase insulin levels and increase weight.

The sweeteners are used by diabetics

This substance was created to replace sugar , which people with diabetes need .

It can be included in the diet

If you want to lose weight , it can be recommended because it causes a feeling of fullness, but you should follow a diet of exercises and healthy foods . However, studies have shown that 50% of people who abandon these drinks can maintain a normal diet.

Take note of these myths and True Keto Boost Side Effects avoid any disease in the future. Light sodas are not salvation.

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