Foods you must consume to gain Diet

With proper nutrition it will be easy to create muscle mass, so we share with you this list of foods that you should consume to gain muscle.

Without a doubt, one of the goals we always have when we exercise is to gain muscle. But there are many factors that influence the speed and quality of progress that we will have in gaining muscle. Many people believe that with going to the gym and charging but it is more than Sure Cleanse Keto Reviews enough, but if there is something that has been proven countless time is that food is one of the main pillars to gain muscle and strength.

With this in mind, we want to help you consume the foods that will help you gain muscle, so we want to share with you this list of foods you should consume to gain muscle:

Pork Meat:

Chicken is one of the foods most consumed by people who go to the gym, but many have been replacing it with lean pork, since it has a high content of proteins of biological value , vitamins of group B and because it is An excellent natural source of creatine .

In one study it was found that not only does creatine increase muscle strength, but it is also highly beneficial for people who suffer from muscular dystrophies that end up causing a decrease in muscle mass.

Creatine can be found naturally in fish and red meat, but pork is one of the main sources, so it has a great advantage over chicken, since it also produces less cellular inflammation.


At the level of health benefits there has been much talk about coffee, since although if you drink it in excess it can give us some problems, it has been proven that 3 or less cups of coffee throughout the day do not harm. On this occasion, it is mentioned that two cups of coffee can improve the effectiveness of bodybuilding, but can also reduce subsequent muscle pain in up to 48% of cases. This is if you do not drink coffee very regularly, since if so, your body is already accustomed to caffeine, so you should increase the dose a bit.

Quinoa or Quinoa:

The ancestral food of the Incas, which although not a real cereal, is cooked as if it were rice. It has been mentioned that quinoa grains were for the Incas the substitute for breast milk because it has a high content of carbohydrates and proteins of biological value.

It also stands out for its content of methionine, amino acids and lysine, which are important for good neuronal development and for a good insulin metabolism. On the other hand it is known that it provides a large amount of unsaturated fats, minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and vitamins E and A.

Another advantage that is present in quinoa is that it has no gluten, so it is digested much better than wheat and some derivatives.

Nori seaweed:

Nori seaweed is also known as varec, and it is a very popular food in the Japanese diet, and surely you have seen them in sushi, since it is the one used to roll it. This helps regulate the thyroid gland by adjusting blood sugar metabolism and is very rich in iodine.

It is also known that it provides selenium as an antioxidant and that it helps to lose weight, since it prevents us from retaining fluids, in addition to helping us mark the muscle by eliminating fat and improving the definition. Although it is clear that it should be reinforced with some training.


Almonds are highly recommended because they provide healthy unsaturated fats, in addition to having a good amount of vegetable proteins, antioxidant vitamin E and B vitamins, which are very good for replenishing the metabolic expense of intense workouts.

It also has a large amount of minerals, such as phosphorus and calcium that help the transmission of nerve impulse and energy, zinc, magnesium, potassium and iron, which is very good for transporting oxygen to the muscles.

These have a high fiber content, so they are excellent for you to feel full and do not pose any threat in terms of weight gain as long as you eat them with some moderation and raw.


The lentils are responsible for neutralizing the acids that are produced by the muscles during our training, in addition to providing carbohydrates and a large amount of protein. As well as potassium zinc, folic acid and vegetable iron. If you don’t love lentils, chickpeas and legumes are also a very good option to gain muscle.


The mussels, oysters, tellines, cockles, razors, clams, etc … are completely low in fat and very rich in omega-3, protein and iron. They help keep rid of superfluous fat, maintain muscle and prevent anemias.


This is an extremely complete food, although unfortunately it is somewhat difficult to find. It is usually consumed as a supplement in the form of alfalfa green, which is a concentrate of minerals and vitamins from seed sprouts. It is also very rich in chlorophyll, which is responsible for detoxifying and assimilating training by eliminating toxins that accumulate.

Potatoes cooked with skin or baked:

Potatoes are excellent for loading glucose muscles. With them we can get carbohydrates of slow assimilation, vitamin C and C, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, fiber and vegetable proteins, so they are an excellent option to regulate hydration.

Potato is an alkaline food that is excellent for recovery after intense training, in addition to helping to activate the metabolism and recover energy. The most advisable thing is to buy quality potatoes from organic farming.


Oatmeal is well known and recommended thanks to its high content of soluble fiber, carbohydrates and vegetable protein. As it regulates digestion, it provides energy and amino acids. Another benefit of this cereal is that it helps regulate cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as a good option to lose weight and regulate fat.

It stands out for its great contribution of vitamins of group B, which are very good to intervene in the metabolism of energy and helps to maintain an optimal state of nerve function. It also has minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

If you are thinking of consuming oatmeal, try to make it as natural as possible. You can combine it with nuts, raisins and nuts.


Maybe when you think about beets, you think about the effect of putting your hands and tongue more pink, which is thanks to betaine, which is the antioxidant dye it has. But what really matters to us about beets is the organic nitrate that it has, since it is excellent for gaining muscle, especially when we consume them raw, so it converts to nitrates and then to nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator that relaxes our vessels blood, so it improves blood flow and muscle contraction.

Nitric oxide serves to increase muscle endurance, so you can train for longer and with better efficiency.

Chard and spinach:

With a high content of chlorophyll, folic acid and vegetable iron, it is an excellent option to help the formation of red blood cells and improve the oxygenation of our blood. This is good because the more oxygen reaches the muscles, the more strength and endurance they will have when we are in training. They have a low caloric value and are very rich in fiber.

Tuna, salmon, sardine, herring and trout:

All these fish are an excellent source of high quality biological protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are highly recommended as an alternative to meat from animals with saturated fats. These will help you gain muscle and prevent muscle and joint pain and inflammation after intense workouts.

They also provide a good amount of vitamins B3 and B12, iodine and phosphorus for a good transmission of the nerve impulse, antioxidant selenium.

Bitter chocolate:

The great benefits of chocolate when consumed in moderation have been discussed on many occasions. If you consume 2 ounces of chocolate with 85% cocoa, you will reduce pain and increase energy, which is excellent for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. One of the wonders of bitter chocolate is that it improves the action of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible for regulating our sleep and behavior. Remember that the more rest more energy, which means more muscle.


This is a root of oriental origin that has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This root acts as a natural antihistamine and inhibits proinflammatory prostaglandins, which prevents joint and muscle pain after workouts.

It is recommended to ingest the root while it is fresh and with a little spicy. It can be fasting or adding it to a dish of vegetables cooked in infusion or in wok.


Known for having satiating pectin fiber, flavonoids, antioxidant vitamin C and ursolic acid, which showed great improvements in the recovery of mice that had muscular dystrophy during a study. They slowly recovered the muscles and delayed the effects of the disease.


They have a high amount of anti-inflammatory substances such as quercetin and have zinc and selenium, which is good for connective tissue. Onions also help stimulate the immune system, improve circulation and red blood cell formation.


It is known that this contains prebiotic bacteria that help repopulate the intestinal flora, so they help better digestion and prevent abdominal swelling. Excellent source of calcium and quality animal proteins for our muscles. It also has a low lactose content. The best thing you can do is buy natural yogurt of biological origin and without sugar.

Papaya and pineapple:

These two fruits in their natural state contain proteolytic enzymes, papain and bromelain, which are excellent for Sure Cleanse Keto better digesting more indigestible foods such as meats.

Virgin Olive Oil:

It is a monounsaturated fat, excellent source of antioxidants and oleic acid, so it keeps the joints and muscles young and flexible so we can continue training without experiencing any problems.


They contain an excellent balance between vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The best way you can consume the holes are whole or in an undercooked French omelette, so you avoid food poisoning and you will not lose the yolk that is very nutritious and does not get fat even if it has a high fat and calorie content. Although it is mentioned that they increase the level of cholesterol, it has been proven in numerous laboratories that people who consume whole eggs do not have high cholesterol levels or cardiovascular diseases.


Excellent source of fiber that helps regulate the intestine and prevent constipation, in addition to causing satiety, so you will eat less. Its insulin polysaccharide content promotes the growth of bifidobacteria and acts as a prebiotic by improving the digestive flora. It helps reduce abdominal swelling and maintain the waist.

Green Tea:

Undoubtedly it is well known that green tea is an excellent source of antioxidant polyphenols that prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our digestive system, in addition to improving our digestion and keeping us hydrated for a good amount of time.

The caffeine it contains helps to burn fat and maintain good physical activity, as well as stimulate our mind. We can alternate it with other types of tea, such as white, black, Oolong and pu-Erh, which help to burn fat, although there are many other types of tea.


Well, it was quite obvious that we had to end the water, the liquid of life and the fountain of eternal youth. Muscles are tissues that have to be hydrated, which become dehydrated when you sweat during training, so we need to drink water to rehydrate and regenerate and gain volume.

The most advisable thing is to drink between two or three liters of water a day, which must be distributed throughout the day. Although it has been proven that the ideal amount of water per day depends on each person, our body and the activities we do, since it is a fact that a person who does intensive workouts for 1 hour will need to drink more water than a person who She is sitting almost all day. It is recommended that you feel the amount with which you feel comfortable and well.

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