How many calories in a Neapolitan?

A pastry made of layers of génoises and ganache, with its 420 calories per 100 grams, the Neapolitan is often a distant memory for people who follow a diet for weight loss.

Make your own Neapolitan to have a healthy cake

Purchased commercially, often made with salted butter , the Neapolitan brings a lot of carbohydrates and lipids and remains difficult to include in a slimming diet. Homemade, it can be a lot less rich, Impact Keto Max especially by following our much healthier Neapolitan recipe below. Easily adaptable to any palate, according to your tastes, do not hesitate to add fresh ingredients such as raspberries , strawberries or grated coconut .

The contributions of a homemade Neapolitan :

Following the following recipe, count only 150 kcal per serving of dessert , almost 300 less than its industrial version! To note: this recipe corresponds to the phases Dukan conso and stabilization.


– 4 eggs

– 80 grams of flour

– 40 grams of corn starch

– 15 grams of sweetener (stevia for example)

– half a sachet of baking powder

– 8 tablespoons unsweetened chocolate powder

– 15 centilitres of unsweetened condensed milk

– 1 tablespoon of honey

– 5 centilitres of skimmed milk

– a pinch of agar agar


For sponge cakes:

– whip the whites with the help of a thermomix or a robot

– mix with 12 grams of sweetener , yolks, flour and yeast

– separate about a third of the dough in a container separately and mix gently with 6 spoons of chocolate powder.

– spread the preparations on two plates lined with parchment paper, to a thickness of 1.5 cm

– cook at 180 degrees for 15 minutes

For ganache and icing:

– Mix the condensed milk, the chocolate powder, the honey and the remaining sweetener

– Mix the agar-agar and the milk in a small container and spend 30 seconds in the microwave.

– Pour this mixture into a rectangular dish and let cool in the refrigerator.


– Cut the sponge into rectangles of equal size

– Assemble them by inserting each layer with the ganache

– Deposit the gelatin milk and decorate according to your inspiration

Variants and tips:

In the manner of a tiramisu, it is possible to soak the biscuit with a cup of coffee strong juice of pear or organic orange Impact Keto Max Reviews or a few drops of rum.

For an easy version but much less light, we replace the ganache with Nutella : a treat!

Be careful, eggs , milk and flour are part of this cake , it will adapt these ingredients to offer to guests following diets without lactose, gluten or vegan.

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