How to firm up your thighs at 50?

At age 50, the skin of the thighs loses more and more firmness, because of age and even more after a diet . The orange peel that covers sagging cellulite deforms and relaxes.

And do not fight it as if you were still young, because practicing a palpate-rolling on a skin already distended will only aggravate the situation . It is necessary to act with delicacy in order to regain in quality of skin. At age 50, the priority is to firm up and refine the thighs with massage and sports.

The cream firming cellulite is your friend

Choose a cream containing anti fat and restructuring active ingredients , such as silicon and seaweed extract acting on the production of collagen. And apply it daily by rubbing thighs, buttocks, and belly, making circular movements to activate the skin cells.

Massaging everywhere, at home or in the office

In addition to circular movements, two other types of massage to practice oneself are particularly adapted to the thighs.

You can perform Jacquet pinches , which consist of pinching the skin between two fingers, hard enough, and turning your fingers while keeping the skin pinched. The red marks will quickly fade.

The second technique, the closed fist pressure , is to apply a strong fist pressure with the second phalanges (remove your rings beforehand) on the thighs, including the back . In both cases, it is a question of stimulating the cellular activity of the dermal cells, the fibroblasts, starting from the knee and going up to the waist, at least 5 minutes for each thigh.

If muscles to tighten skin

  • The ideal is to alternate several times a week series of muscle strengthening exercises targeted on the thighs , and at least one other endurance sport such as cycling, brisk walking or swimming.
  • For each of the muscles composing a thigh here is the corresponding type and soft exercise, to be performed in 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each thigh:
  • For the quadriceps (front of the thigh): Sit down on a chair, legs bent at right angles, and exhale by extending one knee and then the other.
  • For the hamstrings (back of the thigh) : Lying on the floor, press the chair with the heels, legs still bent at right angles, and push the heels down by peeling off the pelvis, contracting for 5 seconds.

For the glutes: stand up a big step forward and flex the advanced leg until you reach a 90 ° knee angle, knee to the vertical of the heel. The foot behind must rest on the toes and the leg well aligned with the ground. Push on the front leg to raise and replace the back leg vertically, and start again.

This may seem obvious but it is impossible to have a firm skin on a soft muscle because it is the muscle mass that underlies the skin.

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