How to lose 100 calories in 5 minutes?

Losing weight easily and quickly is a dream for many. Can we lose 100 calories in 5 minutes without moving ? Unfortunately no. But it is possible to burn calories in a short time thanks to some tips and a little sport.

The best exercises to eliminate 100 calories in 5 minutes

I want to slim down fast! This is a goal that many people share . To burn calories effectively , not all exercises are equal.

To lose a lot of fat in a minimum of time, the most effective technique is interval sport, also called HITT or Tabata method. A session can last from 4 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on your goals and your time available.

You are not dreaming, with this method you can lose weight by only a few minutes of sport a day !

The principle is simple: alternate short periods of exercise and rest phases. For example, 20 seconds of exercise, then 10 seconds of rest, and you start again until reaching a session of 4, 7, 10 or even 30 minutes.

Be careful though, speed does not mean ease. During the phases of exercises, you must give your maximum, the pace is intense!

The exercises are varied, you are spoiled for choice: jumping jacks, pumps , burpees, squats …

This type of workout has two other benefits:

– These are exercises to do at home , even without equipment.

– With this technique you burn on average between 500 and 1000 calories per hour, or 42 to 84 calories in 5 minutes of session. But in addition, you will continue to burn after your workout. Even the next morning, sitting at work, you are losing weight !

Activities that make you lose weight without sport

Other simple activities can make you lose weight without sport . For example :

– Shopping : between 207 and 301 calories per hour (at least 17 calories in 5 min) .- Cleaning : between 148 and 474 kcal / h according to the tasks completed (at least 12 calories in 5 min) .- The kitchen : between 148 and 216 kcal / h (at least 12 calories in 5 min) .- Gardening : between 295 and 431 kcal / h (at least 25 calories in 5 min) .- Walking the dog : between 177 and 258 kcal / h (at least 15 calories in 5 min)

Tips to know about boosting weight loss

To lose weight even faster , follow these tips:

– Drink an herbal tea after eating to improve digestion. – Take a cold shower : this forces the body to burn calories to maintain its internal temperature. – Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator.

Also remember to drink a lot: by drinking water, you make your slimming diet more effective and you can also see your water retention problems disappear : something to do without thinking.

Losing 100 calories in 5 minutes is possible under certain conditions . Intense sports sessions like the HITT and some tips will help you reach your slimming goal.

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