Muscle cramps: causes and treatment

Muscle pain is very common especially among those who begin their physical activities. To prevent and find effective remedies, it is important to know the reason for its appearance. Focus on a common case among those who wish to lose weight through the sport.

The origins of cramps

The lack of warm up is the first factor of appearance of muscular cramps . Indeed, during the sport, the muscles need to be prepared. Otherwise, they contract, resulting in intense pain that you feel. Also, when you start your first day of exercise, it is normal to have cramps.

Aside from warm-ups, a subject may suffer cramps in case of fatigue or deficiency of magnesium or iron . These deficiencies can occur after a great effort or a moment of stress . So, it is quite possible to feel pain even when you put yourself into the sport.

Pregnancy and certain diseases such as diabetes can also be the source of this inconvenience.

Finally, some exciting products such as alcohol, cigarettes or energy drinks are also risk factors for night leg cramps.

Precaution and treatments

To avoid cramps, it is important not to neglect the gentle warm-up exercises that prepare the arms and calf . These are very important especially for beginners.

It is also essential to take a day break in the week. This allows the muscle cells to regain strength.

In case of frequent cramps, homeopathy is strongly recommended . Indeed, during the sport, the complexes of selected essential oils relax the muscles and give you the strength to face the next stages of your journey.

What more ? Eat dishes rich in potassium and vitamins and drink lots of water . The active body needs good hydration.

Otherwise, the muscles will shrink abruptly which will cause the evils. In addition to cramps, poor hydration can cause tears.

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