Recover after sport: what is sodium bicarbonate worth?

Taken as a drink after the sport , sodium bicarbonate is known to optimize the athlete’s recovery. A drink with sodium bicarbonate makes it possible to compensate for water losses.

Regulating blood pH because having Pinnakkle keto the ability to buffer the lactic acid resulting from the effort, the famous white powder with multiple benefits and uses is also effective to avoid heavy fatigue and / or improve its performance.

The effects of sodium bicarbonate in the recovery of the athlete

The beneficial effects of sodium bicarbonate in the recovery after a more or less intense training can be explained by its regulating action of blood pH.

During physical exer- cises, the muscles that heat up tend to produce lactic acid from the degradation of the waste which, when not eliminated, leads to a decrease in performance.

Acidifying the body, biological processes are indeed disrupted and compromise the performance or resistance of the body to fatigue . By absorbing sodium bicarbonate, you will help your body evacuate acids through sweating and breathing.

A good ingredient to prepare a rehydration drink

In addition to fighting the metabolic acidosis caused by physical exertion, baking soda is effective in compensating for water loss. To concoct your rehydration drink , simply add 2 or 3 pinches of food bicarbonate in 1 liter of still water.

To restore carbohydrate stocks and compensate for mineral losses, you can add some honey. If you like sparkling mineral waters, target those that are naturally rich in bicarbonates to recover well after a session of fitness , running or bodybuilding .

To enjoy the benefits of the white powder and quickly recover, it is also possible to take a bath in which we will have added 6 to 7 of the product.

Sodium bicarbonate: how to use it to recover well

Integrated into a recovery ritual after physical exercise, baking soda is usually taken about 30 minutes after exercise . If it is possible to absorb it before the trainings, it is advisable to do it a few hours before and / or to take care to respect a suitable contribution. This is to avoid Pinnakkle Keto REVIEWS possible discomfort, nausea, vomiting or other digestive disorders.

In any case, the product may be poorly digested by some people, it is advisable to have the endorsement of his coach or doctor before adopting or integrate into his diet as an ally in terms of physical recovery.

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