Supplements for athletes with a vegan diet

List of supplements that you should take when you play sports and eat a vegan diet, continue with your diet without risks.

Do you follow a vegan diet? Being a vegetarian is a great responsibility that requires patience and specific care, not only must you take care of what foods you eat, but it is also important that you Shape Health Keto supplement properly for your body to function one hundred. Above all you must take care of your health, and not risk suffering consequences for not being responsible in your diet, remember that an oversight can cost you dearly. When taking your vegan diet it is important that you take care of yourself and take it intelligently, it is essential that you nourish your body so that you can feel happy with the results.

Being vegan is not a fad, it’s a way of life, and every day more and more people around the world join vegetarianism, there are even many celebrities who are vegan such as Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Claudia Schiffer, Pamela Anderson, Kim Basinger, Alanis Morrisette, Jared Leto, Ellen Degeneres, James Cameron, Avril Lavinge, among others, however, as we already mentioned, a great responsibility is required not to neglect your health, since Often the lack of certain vitamins can cause serious problems in your body.

Being vegan is as we had said a serious issue, but also a wonderful and disciplined lifestyle, since it is a great way to respect our planet and animals, come on, it is pure love of life, a great love to our land and the animal kingdom, and that is not just anybody, so if you are vegan you are a champion, but like any champion you should take care of yourself to avoid decompensing your body, so here is a list of supplements that your body requires to properly follow a vegan life. Enjoy them!

List of supplements that should not be missing in your vegan diet:

1- Vegan Proteins : If you are a vegan athlete you should consume vegan proteins, since training and physical effort demand that your body requires more protein, and taking them helps the proper muscle recovery after intense training, so your body will create new fabric.

2- Vitamin B12 : If you eat a vegetarian diet, you have to pay a lot but a lot of attention and do not forget to consume Vitamin B12, since it is one of the most important supplements for those who are vegan, and not doing so can cause problems in your health, so in this section I will extend to explain the consequences of not consuming it and also its benefits. The body needs Vitamin B12, and when it is not consumed it can lead to anemia, among other risks. Keep in mind that in no food of plant origin you can find this vitamin, so you should get this vitamin only with supplements such as inĀ  Vitamin B12 in HSN .

Do not forget to monitor your levels of Vitamin B12, since when the body does not receive enough of this vitamin, ailments related to the nervous system may appear.

Know the main consequences of your fault :

  • Your skin turns yellow or pale, due to the lack of production and fragility of red blood cells in the body.
  • You feel very weak or excessively fatigued, because you don’t transport oxygen properly to the body’s cells.
  • You get mouth ulcers that cause burning and pain, and even the tongue changes color and you can even feel that it is swollen.
  • You have frequent dizziness, due to the little transport of oxygen to the cells.
  • If you do not consume Vitamin B12 you may suffer fatigue, excessive fatigue, weakness, inability to maintain balance while walking, stomach pain, diarrhea, memory loss, lack of concentration, shivering, loss of sense of position, irregular menstrual cycles, immune system deficiencies, breathing difficulties, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, headache, palpitations and even anemia.

The lack of Vitamin B12 can cause you to psychiatric disorders such as depression, disorientation, unstable mood, mood swings, irritability, memory loss and in severe cases of dementia. If you are vegan and have had any of the aforementioned symptoms, it is most likely due to the lack of Vitamin B12, and this occurs because this vitamin is found in veal, lamb, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, sardines, oysters and clams , also in egg and dairy. And if you have not yet presented these discomforts, do not wait for them to appear and begin to supplement you correctly. Adequate consumption of Vitamin B12 helps you have energy, in addition to your neurons and blood cells are healthy, and even contributes to the preparation of DNA. And as an extra,

3- BCAA Vegans : Branched amino acids (BCAA), are of the utmost importance, since they are in charge of the processes that are linked with muscle tissues, and if you are an athlete who takes a vegan diet you simply need them, this because They ensure that you have a greater recovery, and of course the very important muscle repair much faster after having an intense workout.

4- L-Leucine Vegan a: This is one of the three BCAAs, however it should be mentioned with underlined letters, because consuming it will prevent your muscle from degrading and your body has a better composition.

5- Creatine : This supplement undoubtedly brings great benefits for those who are athletes, since it works directly with strength, endurance and clear muscle recovery. So when you take it you will increase your strength, increase your muscular endurance, you will have greater capacity to concentrate, your workouts can be more intense and longer, you will have greater recovery after a workout, your muscle mass will increase, and if that were not enough it will improve muscle quality .

6- L- Glutamine : It is one of the 20 aminos that make up proteins, it is a semi-essential amino acid, and if you are an extreme athlete you can not miss it. Among its functions are the acceleration of muscle recovery , creation of new tissues, and the maintenance of your tissues.

7- Zinc : Its correct dose can help you to cell growth, as well as help you to quickly heal wounds and strengthen your immune system. There are even some studies that indicate that it acts with testosterone, so its consumption will help you improve testosterone levels.

8- Iron : This is mineral that helps your cells oxygenate properly, even thanks to the production of hemoglobins helps your breathing. And very, very importantly, it helps us avoid anemia, which often occurs in those who eat a vegan diet.

9- Calcium : This mineral is of the utmost importance so that your bones and teeth are very strong, and few know it, but Shape Health Keto Reviews taking a correct dose of calcium also benefits your muscles, so do not forget this and consume it frequently. , over the years your body will thank you.

10- Magnesium : This mineral is very important, since its consumption helps you produce energy, so you will avoid feeling fatigued or tired, it also improves your cardiovascular system.

11- Omega 3 : With this essential fatty acid your body will function properly and will also help your cardiovascular system, so with its consumption you will help your heart to be healthy, there are supplements that should be basic in your diet and that you should consume daily .

12- Fiber : Although in your vegan diet you have vegetable foods rich in fiber, sometimes it can help you to consume an extra supplement that contains it, and that you have a very good digestion.

After knowing what your body needs, now is the time to see what you consume and what you don’t, and reflect on adding these supplements so that you can properly follow your diet and continue enjoying the admirable vegan lifestyle.

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