The truth about getting flat abs

Exercises. They believe that, if you are not achieving that goal, it may be due to other factors. The truth is that to have flat and marked abs you have to work hard, but above all have a lot of patience to see the results. To get a flat stomach you have to combine many things, including: discipline, perseverance, persistence, good diet and work hard in training.

The myth that never dies about having good abs

If you have been doing abs for a long time and sometimes you wonder why you still do not have a flat abdomen , you will undoubtedly be operating under what I consider the greatest myth of weight loss and Black Label X muscle gain: Do not believe that doing exercises of a A certain area of ​​your body will help you get rid of the fat in that specific area, because that is not how our body works.

It is not surprising that this myth has become so popular among us, take any popular fitness magazine and you will find a lot of headlines that help feed that false belief. For example, there is a topic from a popular magazine that was recently released that says: “Eliminate belly fat in 7 weeks.” This is not true, a person who has a very large belly hardly in 7 weeks will have a flat abdominal. Of course you can lower the belly a few inches, but not to get to define that area as the magazine promises. The belly area is the most difficult to reduce because it is directly related to what you eat and your eating habits. If you do not change them, for more exercises you do you will see very few changes in that part of your body.

The truth is that abs are the hardest muscles to get. There are people who take years to achieve a flat and well defined belly , and that is why those magazines that claim to lose weight in a week, instead of doing well, what they do is more bad, because they deceive people and They become disillusioned forever and believe they have some problem in their body to lower that area.

What you really need to have a flat abdomen

Despite what is thought, abdominal exercises are not the number one thing to do to have a flat abdomen. In fact, getting a flat abdomen requires a lot of work, dedication and something else.

The only way to get a flat abdomen is to lose body fat and you know what is required:

  1. Regular cardiovascular exercise
  2. Strength training for the WHOLE BODY (you should treat the abdominals like any other muscle in the body)

3 . A healthy, low-calorie diet

You should get all three of these named above (especially the diet) in a consistent way to even get close to having a flat abdomen. And, something much more important: If you have lost body fat and still do not have a flat abdomen, well do not be disappointed, many of us will never see that six pack as perfect as in magazines:

The level of body fat needed to achieve a flat abdomen is lower than what can be sustained with your lifestyle, or rather the

level of body fat required to have the abs of the movie is lower than the level of fat that is considered healthy so that your body can function well.

Therefore, even if you follow a perfect program and a perfect diet , the flat abdomen can still be uphill. Does that mean you should stop insisting? Absolutely No, you should not reverse the exercises, but, perhaps you should give up the idea of ​​perfect abs like the ones you see in the movies, EYE, this does not mean that you cannot have your abs marked, what I tell you is that the ones you see in movies and magazines are from people who only live for that.

Now you know the truth: if your goal is to get a abdomen you should:

  • Demand more from you during the exercises, more than you can handle mentally
  • Pay more attention to your diet than you are willing or able to do
  • Exigiget more and be more strict in the diet / exercise
  • If you can’t meet the above, maybe it’s time to get rid of that goal. It may seem strange to imagine a life without exercise, but it is possible and launching that goal can actually be a relief
  • Now is the time to ask yourself:

Do I really want a flat abdomen?

  • Am I willing to work so hard on what I need to reach them?
  • If I’m going to work so hard, I’m willing to accept that maybe despite my effort I may not achieve perfection, even if I do everything right?
  • If I get that flat stomach, what will change in my life? What will it be like to have a flat stomach for me?
  • What would happen if I let myself be carried away by this ideal and focused on other goals?

Accepting that your body works Black Label X Reviews as a whole and not in parts and parts is the first step towards the liberation of that ideal body that hides in your mind. Maybe it’s time to finally let go of that goal and realize that it’s not a failure not to reach it. That’s why I strongly recommend the system I use to get flat abs.

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