What calorie expenditure for downhill skiing?

What energy do we spend when we spend a few days down the mountain tracks? Downhill skiing can burn an average of 400 kcal per hour , which represents 1600 calories for half a day of skiing.

Alpine skiing, a good way to work out with pleasure

Even with a limited technique when you’re a beginner, the physical demands of downhill skiing mean that you burn Peak Surge Keto your first calories very quickly. With an average energy expenditure of 400 kcal per hour, and more if the effort is pushed, a ski trip of a few days can quickly be very sporty and help you eliminate extra calories!

As alpine skiing is above all a pleasure and a holiday sport, with friends or family and in a beautiful mountain setting , it facilitates energy expenditure because we see less time passing. Better to have fun and spend 4 hours on skis than to suffer an hour in a gym : it helps to keep the effort. Finally, alpine skiing helps to burn because the body fights against the cold.

The all of course is not to compensate for this energy expenditure with a series of nocturnal squeegees …

What prerequisites for alpine skiing?

Man or woman, it is advisable to take classes if you begin, in order to master the method and basic material. It is now possible to book packages that include all these benefits.

From the beginning, this sliding sport has required significant muscular and physical efforts. This means that it is better to be in good shape when you start skiing, at least with enough physical fitness not to hurt yourself and enjoy it.

Finally, restful sleep every night is essential to let the body recover from its day of skiing.

The benefits of downhill skiing

Alpine skiing brings a lot of benefits, both physical and psychological:

  • Better coordination and greater address
  • Balanced
  • More flexibility
  • Muscular work important
  • Solicitation of the cardiorespiratory system
  • Calmer spirit and sense of escape

When one can ski from time to time, it would be a shame to deprive oneself of it.

Ideal as a couple, solo, with friends in Peak Surge Keto Reviews or with family, alpine skiing can really be spent without seeing the time pass and having a good time in the fresh air of the mountain.

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