What exercises to do in the morning to lose weight?

To lose weight and find a slim figure, nothing like doing physical exercise on a daily basis. But between work and your family responsibilities, it can be difficult to go to the gym.

So the best is to do exercises at home that do not require any special equipment. Here are some examples of exercises to do in the morning before going to the office.

Wake up and build up with the cat’s posture

Inspired by yoga, the exercise consists of doing the round back and the hollow back (like a cat). While relaxing your back, you work your abs.

To do this, stand on all fours. Inhale deeply and round your back by tucking your head into your shoulders and digging your stomach, wrapped abdominal belt . Hold the position a few seconds. Exhale gently while lifting your head and digging your back, shoulders back.

Repeat this movement 5 times.

Tone the triceps and glutes with the folded / thrown

Stay on all fours. Stretch your left arm in front of you, with your hand open upward while extending your right leg behind you, tiptoe outstretched. Bring your left arm back by clenching your fist so that the elbow comes to the abdomen while bending the right leg, flex foot, knee to the abdomen. Then change sides with the right hand and the left leg. This exercise focuses on weight training of the glutes and triceps while working balance. Perform this exercise 10 times on each side to start and increase up to 20 times over time.

Stretch to find a sharp silhouette

In order to refine, better to stretch . But in the morning, this type of exercise is perfect to wake up your muscles. The posture of the “dog upside down” makes his body more dynamic because it tones the back muscles, legs (especially the back) and thighs while relaxing the lower back. The hips and the pelvis are also solicited.

Get on your knees, your toes against the ground. Lower your buttocks on your heels and stretch your arms in front of you . When exhaling, push your buttocks up and stretch your legs. Release your head between your arms while trying to touch the ground with your heels to stretch your hamstrings.

Hold at least 30 seconds and repeat the exercise 2 times.

To lose weight easily , just take a few minutes each morning to work his entire body.

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