What exercises to strengthen the gluteus medius?

Yes, there are many, which are specific to strengthen the gluteus medius and that are done at home or in the room. The gluteal muscles (gluteal muscles) have a triangular shape, they are thick and wide and they are located on each side of the pelvis, on the outer side and under the hips.

They are the ones who draw the curve of the buttocks and their roundness, for a more natural result than with an injection of Macrolane or hyaluronic acid.

How to forget the falling butt? : some movements to do at home

  • Lying on the side: tip of the foot forward, make a maximum angle of 60 ° by raising the upper leg laterally and make a few vertical beats (on the ground, the other leg can be bent). Variations: hold the leg in a raised position, make rotations or connect the ankles with an elastic band.
  • On all fours on the floor (the Fire Hydrant): still bust, slowly raise one leg keeping the knee bent at 90 °. Alternate right and left leg.
  • Stand with an elastic band: put the elastic on your ankles and spread a leg. At the beginning of your training, do this exercise with a chair to keep your balance.
  • The squat on one leg : feet on the floor, spread (shoulder width), lift one leg forward and flex the other until the first is horizontal and then go straight up.
  • Standing outstretched legs: Raise one knee and tilt one leg back until the torso is horizontal and return straight.
  • Standing on a “bosu” (half-sphere with platform): on one leg, bend the knee of the free leg and tilt it sideways keeping the knee bent , come back.
  • The mini trampoline : run on the spot then do heel-buttock flexions and knee climbs.

The beginner will do all this without weight to the ankles and, little by little, he will add ballast to accelerate the results. “I tested some of the recommended activities to build my buttocks.

I started at home but soon, I went to a gym . It is possible to do a maximum of exercises at home, but you may miss props and playing sports in groups generates a positive emulation.

Strengthening the gluteus medius: only benefits or some disadvantages?

The gluteus medius is the connection between the pelvis and the back muscles . It allows the abduction (gap) of the legs and it stabilizes the pelvis when standing on one foot. The only drawback to the muscler would come from an impaired state of health before starting his training.

In this case, a visit to your doctor is needed to remove doubts because like any sport , muscle buttocks demand willingness, diligence and patience. It is necessary nevertheless, that the different postures do not generate any pain, it is not worth the risk of sciatica or a lumbago.

To be effective, the practice of the exercises must be regular , supported and distributed equitably on each of the two legs; you must hydrate yourself properly and have a healthy diet .

The results will be seen very quickly and it is the admiring glances of your entourage that encourage you to continue your efforts!

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