What physical exercises to strengthen the glutes?

Why talk about several exercises? Simply because this area contains many muscles and the diversity of movements made allows all to work.

Man, woman, everyone is trying to sculpt his body. If usually, the belly is a priority, the buttocks just after . So, with or without equipment, how to strengthen the glutes?

Exercises to do at home

First, you need to understand which area needs to be working. It should also be known that it is possible to strengthen the glutes without the thighs. Good news for cyclists for example who already have this area particularly muscular.

So you can easily make several effective moves. Get on all fours and rest on your elbows. Then lift one leg upward and tense.

Bring her back and start again to complete a series before changing legs . You can then continue by lying on your side with your head resting on your folded forearm. Then exercise scissor movements, always legs outstretched and contracting the glutes throughout the exercise.

Finally, you can complete with a few squats , this popular movement that consists of miming the fact of sitting in the void and straighten (be careful if you have knee problems, this last point is not recommended)

Pool and gym

At the pool, the breaststroke is your best friend to strengthen your glutes. In the room (to alternate with your exits swimming pool), you will have access to all kinds of machine with weights in order to strengthen each part of the body.

It’s up to you to seek advice from an on-site coach to guide you to target your glutes first . With the press, the results are surprising. At home too, it is possible, with a device type stepper for example.

Think ahead after!

To better measure your progress, do not hesitate to photograph yourself or to record your measurements every week. The result will be most blatant! How long can you expect concrete progress? If you practice regularly, from the second week, you will already feel the difference.

For a bulging ass, you have to work, there is no secret. But now you have all the keys in your hand, it’s up to you!

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