What should I do if I want to lose weight quickly and naturally?

Know some “tricks” that you can use to accelerate fat burning. However, you must remember again that this process must be natural and progressive.

Before we start discussing the different most effective methods to lose weight, we must understand the great difference between “losing weight” and “losing fat.” While the first concept refers to the decrease in body weight, regardless of the origin (either by the elimination of accumulated fluids, the degradation of the muscles, etc.), the second refers to the specific loss of accumulated adipose tissue and that It is the cause of obesity and other related diseases.

A person who wants to lose weight should really aim to lose or burn fat, as this is the door that leads to a healthier life and a more attractive body. For this purpose, the industry and the same misinformation has been responsible for mitigating everything related to the issue, getting people to think that ” rapid weight loss ” is possible and beneficial for the body. Well, perhaps this is true, and that is that heat bands , reducing creams, slimming pills and how many more chemicals we can get on the market, have proven their effectiveness for, eye !, LOSE WEIGHT ―more fat, And that’s where we should pay attention.

On the other hand, when we talk about the transformation of the body, either for the construction of muscle mass or to lose weight by burning fat, we must understand that it is a slow process, which requires patience, effort and sacrifices , although these last, to a lesser extent. But why is this so? Keto Trim 800 Simply because the body has evolved to adapt to changes, and when they happen quickly, the body begins to develop defense mechanisms to preserve itself, often causing havoc at the metabolic, hormonal, physical or even mental level.

A clear example is that of people who are willing to reduce their body mass through food withdrawal. At first the lack of food seems to only affect the sensation of hunger, however, when it continues with the days, the new defensive systems of the body begin to manifest, due to the lack of nutrients, leading to The body clings to the few stored reserves and to continue functioning, start using other energy sources, such as glycogen and which is essential for the construction and maintenance of lean mass (muscle). What happens in this case, is that the metabolism is encouraged and with it all the consequences that we already know are present, starting with a greater propensity to the accumulation of fats. In other words,

So what should I do if I want to lose weight by burning fat?

There are some “tricks” or “hacks” that you can use to accelerate fat burning. However, you must remember again that this process must be natural and progressive to ensure the proper functioning of the body.

# 1 The purification of the organism

This is a fact that not many know, and therefore omit when submitting to the process of transformation of the body. Debugging the organism is the first step to start from scratch. And it is that after the elimination of bad substances and other toxins, the organs are able to operate in a more optimal way, allowing a more complete and effective absorption of nutrients, as well as a faster metabolism, without forgetting to strengthen the defenses of the system immunological, preventing the spread of diseases.

There are many ways to purify the body, and if done naturally, the better. Previously in MiPielSana we have published some methods to meet the objective and you can read below.

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# 2 Accelerating metabolism for greater fat burning

Metabolism is a process in which biochemical and physicochemical reactions are triggered with which it is possible to take advantage of nutrients from food. This means that a healthy metabolism helps to have a better use of the foods that are consumed, not only at the time of distributing the nutrients, but also at the time of consuming and why not, distributing the energy more effectively to throughout the day

A fast metabolism of a slow one can be easily differentiated due to the series of symptoms that occur, depending on the condition. You can read more about the topic in the marked link. If you have a low metabolism, it is time to put the batteries and start making the right decisions to favor its acceleration.

There are many ways to maintain a high metabolic rate. Do not forget to read the following articles to meet your goals.

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Finally, it is important to clarify that the acceleration of the metabolism also depends a lot on the degree of physical activity that is performed regularly. A person who exercises more than 3 times a week, will burn a greater amount of calories at rest compared to another person who spends it sitting in front of the sofa all week. It should also be mentioned that athletes with a greater amount of lean mass tend to spend more energy on a daily basis, because muscle is a metabolically active tissue and therefore requires calories to be able to stay in the body.

# 3 The importance of diet

And to finish the article, we have decided to put the most important point until the end as a little trick so that you keep the information fresher when you propose to modify your habits if you want to start burning fat, now!

Regardless of whether you want to lose those extra pounds, gain muscle mass or define the muscles, the primary factor and to which you should pay the greatest attention is food. And it is that through the food consumed, the body obtains the necessary nutrients to function properly and perform all the processes required for its transformation under favorable conditions.

A person looking for the loss of accumulated fat should naturally undergo a low-calorie diet, but respecting the corresponding macronutrient balance to ensure the correct distribution of energy, vitamins and minerals. As expected, a diet to lose weight should be dominated by complex carbohydrates and proteins(for building muscle mass), and in a smaller percentage, by fat. The importance of the intake of the latter macronutrient is due to the fact that fats help the construction of hormones such as Leptin that regulate appetite, growth hormone so that muscle, bones and other tissues develop properly and also maintain to vital cells in an optimal state. However, just as there are low glycemic carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates (high glycemic index), there are also good fats and bad fats , since for obvious reasons, you should limit yourself to consuming the first, regardless of your goal.

In conclusion

As you may have noticed, perhaps the article was not what you expected, but in reality it is that the purpose of it is not to show you the most effective diets or the exercises necessary to lose weight, but to make known all the information that most people omit when they set a goal, and that undoubtedly makes the difference between success and failure.

Following these tips, complemented by a good training routine , as well as the best food that you can access, will surely guarantee an effective body transformation and without having spent thousands of bills on foreign medicines, doubtful products origin and the more the industry has been responsible for marketing, at the expense of the health of society.

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